Spring Equinox marks the end of winter and the beginning of Spring.  Spring, with its new warmth, is a chance to watch how nature slowly comes to life, bringing us with it.  It is during this time that the energy around us feels stronger.  After a long winter of resting and retreating it is time to  slowly re-emerge into the light.

Our relationship with Mother Nature is more important to the health of our mind, body and soul than we often realize or understand.  The most likely part of our lives to be neglected is this one. Our worlds and every human being in them are in need of this relationship to be restored.

Being in her presence feels sage and grandmotherly.  It is in her company that we remember. We are dismembered and reassembled by her. Her trees are protective and generous.  The world is normally noisy and clumsy in how it treats its people, but trees heal the body better than anything else can.  Her waters are soothing and loving.  Her earth is always grounding and recharging us.  I am constantly in awe of her endless generosity.

As we begin to plant our seeds for the year ahead let us remember that it is through her that all new life is possible and as we nurture our relationship with her we also nurture ourselves


I love you,



“The people cannot be healed unless the land is healed. The land cannot be healed until the people are healed by the land.” -Martin Prechtel