Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching

Take your power back!

Sometimes, on our journeys of healing and self-discovery, we hit a plateau. A point at which we realize that due to traumas and life experiences, we have given away our power and hidden our authenticity. Through deepening awareness, compassion, and loving support, an empowerment coach guides people to rediscover themselves, take control of their lives, and take action to make the impact they want on the world.

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence

  • Increased peace in our homes and relationships

  • Faith around the higher purpose that directs your life

  • Deepen your connection with the divine

Our goal at The House of Light is to help clients develop in ways that enable them to feel more joyful and empowered in their own lives. This can mean being empowered at work, at school, or within our family dynamics.

Whether you are looking for deeper guidance and support on your healing journey or if you are looking for a deeper understanding of your life and purpose here on this earth, we would be honored to hold this safe and loving space for you. You are not alone.

“My hope for you is that you realize your power, stand in it, embody it, share it, and treat yourself as the magical being you came here to be.”

Monica Reyna RMT

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.