Reiki Attunements

Reiki Attunements

Indulgence for body and mind

Are you feeling the call to become attuned to work with reiki energy? Unlike other healing arts, reiki is passed from Master to Student through a Reiki Attunement that allows the student to connect to the universal reiki source.

The attunement process allows you to become a vessel of reiki and move reiki energy for yourself and others.

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Natural Beauty

  • Face and Body Treatments

Receiving a reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. As your energetic pathways are opened by a reiki master it allows the reiki energy to flow freely through your body to impact your healing, your mental and physical health as well as the health of others. The opening of a reiki attunement has the effect of enhancing other energetic healing and spiritual channeling pathways.

In a Reiki level 1 and 2 attunement, students are attuned to channel reiki energy as well as to utilize three different symbols, each representing a different aspect of reiki energy: Power, mental/emotional balance and distance healing. The attunements for Reiki level 3 and Reiki Master are similar in nature but involve different symbols, each with a different significance to opening your energetic pathways.

Each Reiki Master has different methods of teaching but in general when preparing for a Reiki attunement a 3 day cleanse is recommended prior to beginning. There is no set standard but we recommend avoiding heavy and processed foods, limiting caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and tobacco. Spend your time reading or meditating rather than watching TV. Make a conscious effort to release negative emotions, such as anger or jealousy. Any of these preparations will help you prepare to receive and accept the spiritual transformation and encourage the attunement to have profound, long term impacts on your life and wellbeing.

“Love is like breathing.  What breathing is to the physical body, love is to the spiritual being.  Without breathing the body dies.  Without love the soul dies”


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.